There is a student levy for all students. Please note this fee is included in your student fees (course fees). 

Compulsory Student Service Fees (CSSF)

A CSSF is a fee that Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) can charge domestic students to help fund the delivery of student services.

Students and TEO’s work together to set the fee, following guidelines that are set by the Ministerial Direction. The intention is to increase the involvement of students and ensure transparency in the setting and administration of the fees. 

The Ministerial Direction sets out three key actions, related to decision-making, accounting for the fee, and reporting on its use. It also specifies what categories of student services the fee can support.

Categories of student services

Advocacy and legal advice

Advocating on behalf of individual students and groups of students, and providing independent support to resolve problems. This includes advocacy and legal advice relating to accommodation.

Careers information, advice and guidance

Supporting students’ transition into post-study employment

Counselling services

Providing non-academic counselling and pastoral care, such as chaplains

Employment information

Providing information about employment opportunities for students while they are studying

Financial support and advice

Providing hardship assistance and advice to students on financial issues

Health services

Providing health care and related welfare services


Supporting the production and dissemination of information by students to students, including newspapers, radio, television and internet-based media

Childcare services

Providing affordable childcare services while parents are studying

Clubs and societies

Supporting student clubs and societies, including through the provision of administrative support and facilities for clubs and societies

Sports, recreation and cultural activities

Providing sports, recreation and cultural activities for students


WelTec CSSF amount per equivalent full-time student (EFT): $220 per EFT.

Services the WelTec CSSF provides

  • Advocacy and Legal advice (1.2%): This is provided through a contract with NZUSA (New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations) who provide advocacy, training for student representatives, support for Student Council and other initiatives.
  • Career and Support Advice (15.1%): This is provided by a Careers Advisor based in the Learning Commons, a contract with Student Job Search, and a Job Broker who works across Schools to assist in finding employment after graduation.
  • Counselling Services (36.6%): Vitae services provide counselling across all campuses and Mentors provide a front-line pastoral support service
  • Employment Information (15.9%)

CSSF decision-making processes

The Manager Learning Commons completes the annual Budget for the CSSF following consultation with members of the Student Council and the annual CSSF e-survey conducted by NZUSA (New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations).

How you can be involved in CSSF decisions for the following year?

Students are informed of the CSSF and how to be involved in decisions regarding the funding through:

  • The Student Voice Representatives Facebook page administered by the Student Council
  • Digital media screens across campus advertise information about CSSF regularly
  • The annual survey is advertised by posters, on Facebook and on Moodle
  • Focus groups will be run during the year on different campuses