Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Prepare for study in subjects that involve anatomy and physiology. 4-week programme in February before Trimester 1 starts. Ideal for school-leavers or those returning to study.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to human anatomy and physiology - learn commonly-used terms and discover the range of systems within the human body
  • Support, movement and covering of the body - the structure and function of skin, the skeletal system and the muscular systems
  • Communication systems of the body - the human body’s nervous system and endocrine system
  • Transport (blood, cardiovascular system) - how the heart pumps blood around the body and the different types of blood cells within the cardiovascular system
  • Maintenance of the body (respiratory system, digestive system) - gain an understanding of how the human body processes oxygen and nutrients
Any study question you have, we’ll answer it or find out who can.
Marie, Learning Advisor

Upcoming start dates

  • 6 February 2017

For open days, enrolment deadlines and other important dates check our calendar.

Entry criteria

Under 20

Open entry.


If you’re 20 years or over, contact us to see if you qualify for special admissions on our programmes.

What it will cost



This programme is not available to international students.

Where will my course be?

The Petone campus is at 21 Kensington Avenue, Petone.

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Ready to enrol?


Applying online is easy and takes only about 10 minutes.

You will need a few details:

  1. An email address you check regularly.

  2. The phone number of someone willing to be your emergency contact.

  3. Your date of residency if you are a permanent resident in NZ.

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Contact our international team to check the suitability of this course for international students.

Offered by:
School of Creative Industries
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Te Ranga Ahumahi o ngā Hāpori
Formal programme title:
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (Level 2)
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Any study question you have, we’ll answer it or find out who can.
Marie, Learning Advisor