Information Technology

The IT industry is booming. In Wellington alone, there are over 500 job vacancies in IT. Our options are developed in partnership with industry to ensure you learn the skills that employers need. Hands-on computing. Cyber security. Networking. Programming. Servicing. Software engineering. More details

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We learn about operating systems and hardware - we rip apart computers and then restore the systems.
Hayden, IT student
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More about Information Technology

WelTec is one of the leading IT schools in Wellington. At WelTec you will gain relevant experience throughout your studies to help you excel in industry. 

Work on real projects

If you’re looking to upskill or start your career in IT, WelTec offers options that have been created in partnership with industry.

Develop your problem-solving skills. Work on projects. Our Bachelor of IT students spend course time learning skills by building real software, apps and products.

Learn in labs, not lecture theatres

Learn through a combination of practical labs and tutorials. Benefit from tutors who’ve worked in industry.

Specialised facilities

Computer labs with PCs optimised for virtualised student learning. Training servers with Linux, Cisco, Microsoft Cloud and Alcatel-Lucent. A hardware lab with repair, maintenance and test facilities.

Industry certifications

Gain industry certifications in our testing centres. Pearson VUE Select. Kryterion HOST. Castle Worldwide.

Gain work experience

We’ve worked with industry to arrange cadetships and internships so you can work with IT firms and gain work experience.

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