Graduate Success Stories

Not sure what study path is right for you? Click on a graduate below to hear their story.


Nicolas Delwaide - La Belle Waffle

From marketing and design, to accounting and making the actual waffles, Nicholas and his wife are hands-on business owners. Find out how Nicholas got there through his Graduate Diploma in Management qualification.


Arahina Ormsby-Matehe - Māori Women's Development Inc

Spending her time organising programmes and events with young people across Aotearoa, Arahina is the Rangitahi Project Manager for Māori Women's Development Inc. Find out how she got there through her Bachelor of Youth Development study.


Lisale Gagamoe - Porirua College

Now working as a full-time design teacher at Porirua College, Lisale couldn't be more proud of his journey. Find out how he got there through his Bachelor of Applied Design study.


Danyelle Bogue - Apprentice Painter

Danyelle is an Apprentice Painter making her mark on the world! Find out how she got there with her story.


Piripi Amohau - Vivo Salon

Piripi is a hairdressing apprentice at Vivo Salon, and loves being able to study while working. Find out how he got there with his Hairdressing study.


Melissa Kupa - Callaghan Innovation

Melissa works for Callaghan Innovation, they are focused on helping small businesses build an innovative future with technology. Find out how she got there with her Engineering study.


Vicki Young - Vicki Eats

With a passion for baking, Vicki works as a Chef at Government House and Jano Bistro. Find out how she got there with her Hospitality study.


Rosie Morrison - Wellington Free Ambulance

Rosie found herself with the perfect career for her - being able to help people all over the region, in their homes and on the streets. Find out how she got there with her Paramedicine study.


Michael Thompson - Whittakers

Michael did WelTec’s Engineering Diploma and now works for one of New Zealand’s most famous companies, Whittaker’s, as a Process Control and Systems Engineer.