Campus Rules

A smoke free, alcohol and drug free campus reflects WelTec's commitment to providing a safe and healthy learning environment.

Smoke free campus

All WelTec campuses are smoke free.

This means that no person is permitted to smoke on any WelTec campuses:

  • In all buildings or parts of buildings that are under WelTec's management
  • On all WelTec land holdings and perimeters, including all car parks and green spaces

Drugs and alcohol

Policy and procedure covers the misuse of drugs and alcohol on our campuses. 

  • It is a requirement that staff and students do not perform duties under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Being affected by alcohol or drugs while performing duties, particularly in ‘at risk’ environments, can seriously compromise the health, safety and welfare of staff, students and others in the workplace, and also impair an individual's ability to perform their work competently and professionally
  • Inappropriate or unlawful conduct arising out of alcohol or drug use in the workplace may expose the student and the Institutes to legal liability
  • WelTec may therefore use reasonable cause to search or randomly test for drugs and alcohol
  • If it is found that staff or students are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, this may lead to disciplinary action