Safety Procedures

WelTec is committed to supporting the welfare of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. We work hard to ensure that you are safe while on our campuses.

Your role in keeping safe

  • Ensure that any medical issues have been declared on your enrolment form
  • Follow all directions of WelTec staff to ensure safety regulations are met
  • Familiarise yourself and comply with fire and emergency evacuation procedures, workshop safety rules (where appropriate), and any other safety regulations

  • Notify WelTec staff members of any hazards on any WelTec campus or premises which you may be aware of 
  • During practical classes, wear the prescribed personal protective equipment including clothing, footwear and accessories (eg. safety glasses and earmuffs)

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

WelTec staff are trained in emergency and disaster preparedness.

What should I do to make myself safe?

  • Take time to check where the nearest exits are in the building/s you occupy
  • Take time to read the Emergency Procedures information brochures displayed on all floors of WelTec buildings
  • Know your nearest designated assembly areas for the building/s you occupy
  • Be aware of safe practices for emergency evacuations due to fire/earthquake/tsunami
  • Be aware of safe Health and Safety practices for the area/s you occupy

What should I do if an alert tone/siren sounds?

  • If an alert tone/siren sounds continuously YOU MUST commence emergency evacuation
  • Remain calm
  • Listen to and follow instructions from Wardens or WelTec staff
  • If no instructions have been provided, use your best judgment

What should I do in an emergency evacuation?

  • Remain calm
  • Alert those around you
  • Listen to and follow instructions from Wardens or WelTec staff
  • If no instructions have been provided, use your best judgment
  • Leave bulky personal items behind as they can be hazardous when evacuating
  • Leave food or drink behind
  • Do not use your cellphone in stairwells
  • Use the stairs, not the lifts, to evacuate the building via the nearest fire exit
  • If you are with someone who is unable to use stairs due to a disability, let the nearest Warden know immediately. Do not attempt to take this person down the stairs. If you can, arrange for someone to stay with the person to keep them calm
  • Keep smoke stop doors closed at all times
  • Make your way to your nearest designated assembly area for the building you have left

If you discover fire

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm
  • Dial 111 to get the New Zealand Fire Service. Confirm the nature of the emergency, location and building address
  • Evacuate the building via the nearest exit
  • Assemble in your designated assembly areas
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so

Building Re-entry

The silencing of an alert tone/siren is not an indication that it is safe to re-enter the building. Wait for further instructions from your Chief Building Warden, Floor Warden or Security Guard.


Whilst studying at WelTec, we want you to be kept safe and secure. For this reason, WelTec provides security services on all its campuses.

For any security matters arising between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm, Monday-Friday, please ring 0800 WelTec and ask to speak to the Security Guard. Outside of these hours, contact the local police station or call 111.

If you have any general concerns about security, please email WelTec facilities