Student Voice Representatives

Become a Student Voice Representative for your class. You will provide information to your classmates about student life and study. Participate in leadership training. Meet other like-minded students.

As a Student Voice Representative, you will be an important contact point for students and staff. Interact with Heads and Associate Heads of School to communicate key messages. You will be a good listener and someone who encourages class discussion. A great opportunity to participate in leadership training to further your skills. 

How can you become a Student Voice Representative?  

Volunteer in class and lead the discussion about the class having a representative. You will need to be selected by your peers. We aim to have a Student Voice Representative in every class.

What can you gain?

  • Leadership training
  • Certificate and letter of recognition for being a Student Voice Representative
  • Opportunity to meet other Student Voice Representatives

What would you have to do?

  • Spend some time every week talking and listening to your classmates about their academic experience
  • Keep students and staff informed about current happenings, and challenges that occur
  • Meet once or twice a trimester to meet with the Head or Associate Heads of your school
  • Attend a training session each term. There are beginner and advanced sessions to suit your experience

Student Council

Represent the Student Voice Representative in the Student Council This is a unique opportunity to make an impact. The group will be made up of two representatives per School (from different programmes, covering all campuses). Within this group there will be representation for Māori, Pacific, International, LGBT community and students with disabilities.

To find out more:

Come and visit us in the Student Connection Zone in the Learning Commons, Petone Campus. Or check: